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Critical Application Solution Experts

At Ashcroft, we focus on providing accurate and reliable instrument solutions that protect our customers’ people, processes, and profits. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and understanding of industries and industrial processes, we develop, engineer, manufacture, test, and calibrate measurement and control instrumentation for customers in various industries around the world. Our Critical Application Solution Experts® (CASE®) help existing and prospective customers identify process challenges and recommend appropriate products and product configurations to resolve or prevent them.

The Total Value of CASE

CASE is about solving problems. By working closely with customers, we learn about the challenges they face in their facilities. This knowledge enables us to follow a scientific approach while developing instrument solutions for their applications, ensuring the one we deliver fully meets their needs. It also helps us support our customers if and when something fails.

If required, we provide instrument audits, which involve reviewing and analyzing existing temperature and pressure instruments. Once all instrumentation is reviewed and analyzed, we provide full documentation detailing each instrument’s current performance, potential problems, and appropriate solutions for optimal productivity and safety.

In addition to reviewing your application, identifying your instrument requirements and restrictions, and recommending products tailored to your needs, our Critical Application Solutions Experts provide:

For customized testing, we recreate your process and process conditions in our CASE lab to determine and/or verify product quality and performance.

CASE Tools & Resources

When designing and developing our solutions, we employ a variety of tools and resources to ensure we provide the right instrument recommendations for your needs. Our product testing lab hosts vibration/shock, thermal, and proof/burst/cycle testing. In our metallurgical lab, we conduct optical microscopy, metallography, and X-ray fluorescence (metal identification). We also partner with outside labs for chemical analysis and electron microscopy operations.

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CASE in Action

For over 165 years, Ashcroft has provided instrument solutions to customers across a wide range of industries. Explore some of our past projects to SAIBA MAIS about our solution capabilities and what CASE can do for you.

CASE Study 1
Added Protection for Refinery's HF Alky Unit
CASE Study 2
Minimized Extreme Effects for Gauges In Petrochemical Application

  • The customer: A refinery with a hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation unit—also referred to as an “HF Alky” unit. These units are used in petroleum refining operations to convert isobutane and alkenes (primarily propylene or butylene) into alkylate, which is used to make gasoline.
  • The problem: Hydrofluoric acid is hazardous and corrosive and, if accidentally released, can form a vapor cloud that causes severe reactions and possible fatalities.
  • The CASE diagnosis: After visiting the plant, reviewing the application, and performing on-site analysis of the gauge in use, Ashcroft recommended a gauge assembly with additional safety features for improved protection.
  • The CASE solution: The gauge assembly we recommended to the customer featured the ALD (Acid Leak Detection) system. Its key benefits include:
    • Tamper proof design with the gauge welded to the seal
    • Visual indication of leaking process media
    • Dual containment for safety

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

Ashcroft customers know they can rely on us as their single-source solution for high-quality measurement and control instruments for virtually any industrial application. By working closely with our Critical Application Solution Experts, they are better able to understand, resolve, and prevent the process challenges that arise in their facilities.

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right pressure and temperature instruments for your process operation. SAIBA MAIS about our CASE solutions or discuss your critical application requirements with one of our experts. You can also request on-site or virtual training, webinars, or lunch & learn programs. Fill out the form to get started.